Saturday, July 2, 2011

Could it possibly be summer!?.. Mo' cobbin'!!

Still reeling from the loss of our buddies Xabi and Christo who have gone on cobbing and baking for those who need it most, we found some cheer this week in the shape of some sunshine and a fantastic new chap; Micheal. Great to have someone new to work with and hopefully if he doesn't like smooth jazz we can join forces against Martin's jazz crusade, gotta keep it rocking on the site!. Martin, jazzin up the veg with his sexiphone..

The walls are getting really high now so we started throwing cob in order to supply the builder, lots of opportunities for fun and games, my favourite is trying to get a three pointer into Shawn's builder's gap.
As we all got busy throwing cob and trimming and building

correcting walls is a pain in the rear!

higher and higher this giant mechanical monster suddenly appeared all growling and grinding, it was lovely Timmy and his digger, arriving to try his supremely skilled hand at cob mixing for the first time! .

Timmy in fighting form

The mean digger soon transformed into a soft toy as it started mixing cob, it was amazing to watch!. Hey, if you can't beat them, make them build nice things!.

In the meantime, lovely Sonia, Shaun's wife, left us after a week hanging with us and making lovely cake. Thanks Sonia, we'll miss you, hope you come back!

Shawn and Sonia, very proud parents of 2 lovely cakes, mmm!

Timmy 's digger was quite a help, lifting the giant mixes straight onto the highest scaffold positions for us to cob onto the now lintel height walls. The cob itself, although a bit rough was surprisingly good, definitely the way to go for fast building.
As we are now at lintel height, we had to make sure the dead men were made up and set in in order to fix the lintels, a task which Shawn and Micheal speedily completed. After all this, a quick tidy of the site and onto fitting more windows and starting slipstraw walls...

lovely wood!

Working the window pillars

Yeah mummy, very funny.. now I've got dirty feet!

Micheal reaching new heights

Big hairy arse, measured for window seats!