Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some House Photos

Hi All,
Finally, as requested (and thanks to Jo), I have some house photos to show you all!
Please do keep in touch.
Paul Therese & Áine

Kitchen through the arch

Bay Window



Compost Toilet

East View



Sitting Room

Sitting Room - Bay Window

South View

South View 2
Ken's Dry Stone Entrance


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friends, Cobbers, Country Folk,

Yes. We have finally made it! Just under 3 years after we began the build we are spending our first night in our cob home. We are so happy.

A massive thank you, especially to all our amazing interns; Alastair, Graeme, Grant, Karen, Peter, Sam, Thomas, Ben, Felix, Karen, Leila, Martin, Pauliina, Shaun, Greg, Issac, Jo, Joe, Paddy, Remi & Taylor.

Also we must mention Pat, Gerry, Micheál, John, Seamus, Sara, Cassandre, Noleen, Ricardo, Lauren, Matilde, Jo & Mark, Camilla, Ali & Brian, Carrie & Nalia & Nan, Carolann, Coenrad &Courtney and family, James, the Hollies crew, the Duffys (Pete, Carmel, Siobhan, Alex, Tom, Didi, Aidan...), Bee & Rob, Willie, Dave & Eileen, Deirdre and Andrew, Jimmy, Colin & Feile, Wes and Will.

An extra special thanks to all the teachers and tradespersons, Jim, Christo, Jo, Xavi, Ken, Timmy, Shane, Thomas, Sean, Joe, Richie, Tommy,Fred, Feidhlim all at Cob Cottage Company - Ianto, Linda & Tammy.

Lastly to both Therese's and Paul's family and friends for all their help and kindness throughout.

We will post some photos very soon

Love and good wishes wherever you may be.

Paul, Therese & Áine xxx

Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring has arrived....Paddy and Pauliina have been working on a very interesting project in England over the winter....see the following link for a news report: