Friday, October 5, 2012

Plaster Party Part 1

Many old friends arrived in Nenagh to begin plastering the interior of our house on the 17th Sept. Our group was led by "Master plaster duo" from Holland - Christo and Xavi, and by Jo, and Graeme - a.k.a "Stag Man".
In advance, there was a lot of preperation required. Remi, Pauliina and Paul enjoyed adding some wooden features to the house - shelves and steps and seats - using some interesting pieces of timber, many sourced from Pete Duffy's collection in Meath. As things hotted up Graeme arrived to give us a timely injection of energy as we worked hard to get the base coat up on the upper end of the house so that it would be dry for the plasterers. Therese, Claire and Camilla helped apply some last minute basecoat plaster and Sean put up shelves in the pantry while Eamon cleaned the beams.
We were lucky to have some budding plasters on the team also - Thank you to Leila, Paddy, Pat, Tom, Carmel, Aidan, Didi, Siobhan, Alex and of course Therese. It was nice to have someone from each of the 3 internship with us - a special thanks to Graeme, Leila, Pauliina and Paddy.
So we had a good crew to tackle the rather daunting task of plastering those curved walls, many niches and window alcoves and between all the knee braces and beams. Work began with great sense of endeavour and comraderie and despite the trials of an Irish October over half the house is now plastered with lovely clay plaster and lime in the kitchen. Also the base coat has been applied almost everywhere...much to Paul's delight! Making this plaster using soil from the site and straw from the field was an arduous task but also very satisfying. Thanks to everyone for all the tireless screening!

All in all it was a great couple of weeks, sandwiched by a trip to the Aran Islands for a dry stone walling course and a trip to Sligo for a course in using "Natural Edge Wood" with Colin Richie. We also managed a trip to Phillip Quinn and family in Holycross.

Hope to see you all again for Part 2 in the new year

Enjoying some well deserved relaxation in our newly plastered sitting room
One of Ken's amazing stone carvings - This goblin goddess will protect our home
Sitting room - Pre Plaster
Xavi Plastering the Sitting Room in bathed in sunshine!
The lucky future inhabitants - Áine, Therese, & Paul
Christo - demonstrating Plaster after care - with timely sponging
The niches are tricky to plaster! - Luckily Jo (The master plasterer of small spaces) is on the job
Alex and Paul Mixing More Basecoat!
The basecoat team - Therese, Carmel and Paddy


Graeme - A steady hand for fine details
True Mudbandits - Didi and Tom
Pauliina Plastering in Comfort
Aidan entertains the masses

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